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Last year I was asked to photograph an event in aid of a local children’s charity. Lagan’s Foundation was set up by the inspiring Carren Bell. The charity helps young children with heart defects and feeding issues across the UK.

Since photographing for them last year I have been hooked on their cycle event like no other.  So it was no surprise that I joined in this year as well. And I will be sure to come back to photograph for them again next year.

The challenge

The event or should I rather say the challenge took cyclists across a distance of over 70km with 4165ft of incline running over the amazing backdrops of Bolton’s Rivington hills.

This year we were blessed with glorious sunshine and although it wasn’t the warmest of days there was no chance of feeling cold whilst chasing all the action of the day.

The gruelling race is not for faint hearted and not all make it to the finishing line…

Not your average cycle race

Apart from raising money for this worthy cause, the idea behind the race is to get the riders to feel the pain. The aim is for the cyclists to work hard for a few hours just like all of the heart kiddies, supported by the charity, do every day of their lives right into their adulthood!

For them, they do this ride constantly even when trying to eat their meals…… The time limit for the ride is 5 hours! 

And I must admit that I was well out of breath chasing those lot by car as this event photographer!


With 91 riders registered / taking part, 67 made it to the finish.

With the current fastest time of 2 hours and 13 minutes by Gareth Balshaw from Team ASL in Bolton.

It was an absolute pleasure to photograph this unique event and I’m already looking forward to the next year’s challenge!


Please see the below selection of my favourite images from the day. For full gallery and to download the images free of charge please scroll to the bottom.

And if you’d like to show this great cause support or are interested in registering for the race in the future you can find more information on the foundation’s website:



Highschool information sign, cyclist and a child in repair tent, cyclist with his bike

Cyclists getting ready for race

Cyclists registering for race

Pumping up tires

Last preparations before the event

Looking at the race map

Cyclist with his bike in warm morning light

More registrations and equipment checks

Cyclist fixing number on his top

Bike resting on a fence

Last preparations before the challange

Friends picture before the race

Image of the medal

Father and daughter having a laugh

Cyclists gathered before the race

Cyclist girl close up over her shoulder

All the cyclists gathered together listening to instructions

At the start of the race

Waiting for the signal to go

First check point

Three stewards at a check point

The leaders all in blue coming fast

Stewards photographed at the next check point

Cyclists coming fast through picturesque surroundings

Cyclists coming through at speed

The rescue team

More cyclists racing on

Cyclists racing

More cyclists coming through country lanes

Cyclists waving and smiling as they speed by

More cyclists and results chart

approaching finishing line

The winners with their medals

Close up image of the winners

Cyclist resting

Female winner with her medal and trophy

Cyclists with their medals

Happy cyclist with his medal

Cyclists close up and with his bike

Cakes with events name on them

Happy contestant

Group of friends after the race

To see all images from the race follow this link: 2017 Lagan’s Challenge to download for free use this pin: 4275

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  1. Mary Fee 11th May 2017 at 1:32 pm #

    A fantastic cause and some lovely shots

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